Blend In Stand out was developed with the following partners:

Yuen Yen Tsai – Het Buitenhuis


Yuen Yen Tsai works for the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Dutch Tax Office Academy.

From 2010 she has been sharing her knowledge about serious games and about how to apply them, with colleagues and clients.

She is convinced that serious games contribute to faster and smarter learning. Expectations of citizens and society change rapidly nowadays. We all need to learn how to improve the service of governments. ‘Walk the Talk’ – she also develops games and facilitate game sessions.

Wouke Lam – ieder&een


Wouke Lam is founder of ieder&een

She provides strategic advice and assistance in the implementation of diversity & inclusion, ie the creation of an environment in which everyone – no matter how different – is complete in her / his right  (i.e. in the family, at school, at work, in the (sports) society, in the city, the country, Europe, the world).

Joke Witteveen – xmediaworks


Joke Witteveen is producer, publisher and consultant in interactive media and serious games.

She developed  the Non Zero Sum platform – with her partner Shift F7 – on which Blend In Stand Out was developed.

She has 20 years experience in the interactive media industry. She is specialized in serious gaming with a focus on human behaviour, technology and media. She develops instructive games for education, corporate training, health-care and public organisations.

As a manager, she has always worked with multi-disciplinary teams. With a background in the ICT and creative industry, she is used to work with diverse “cultures” and develop innovative solutions.