engaged learning

experience interdisciplinary teamwork

engaged learning

  • experience working in highly engaged team
  • work across disciplines
  • prepare for the unexpected
  • with real live events & interventions
  • and guidance from virtual experts
  • in a formal & informal learning environment

interactive storyline

with realistic scenario's

interactive storyline

  • a realistic business, health or political scenario
  • with realistic characters
  • relevant content, challenges & assignments
  • real life events & interventions
  • personalized messaging
  • to accelerate awareness & collaboration

levels of experience

individual & group experiences

levels of experience

  • introduction level
  • setting the stage
  • dive into the challenge
  • collaborate in teams
  • achievements
  • evaluate with team & trainer

highly interactive reality learning

video, infographics, mail, chat, virtual experts

highly interactive reality learning

  • rich media content
  • real & realistic websites, video’s, visuals
  • interactive communication: real time & pre-scripted mail, chat, audio & video
  • hybrid e-learning: combination of classroom & online learning environment

flexible content management

for a realistic context

flexibel content

  • easy to add new assignments
  • flexible timing to adapt to training needs
  • flexible storytelling & scenario’s
  • flexible up-to-date content
  • flexible tools for trainers
  • train the trainer program

cloud based services

for secure acces

cloud based services

  • what do you need?
  • an internet connection
  • a pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • beamer or digiboard (optional)
  • used technology (html 5 compatible)
  • Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Amazon Web Services

Flexible and sustainable game concept

Non Zero Sum is a flexible game concept that can be easily adapted for different learning purposes. Thanks to the flexible CMS you can create a new game with your content on short notice.

In the game players explore

  • In a safe learning environment @work and @home
  • Where they are triggered by social media
  • motivated by the group process,
  • inspired by the debate,
  • fascinated by story telling,
  • In the classroom and behind their laptop or mobile

So they learn about the process of co-operation in groups.

cloud based web technologie

Het Non Zero Sum platform is ontwikkeld met open standaard web based technologie. We maken gebruik van de HTML 5 standaard. De game kan gespeeld kan worden met een smartphone, tablet of PC (Mac, Windows, Android).
Wij maken gebruik van de volgende web based technologie diensten:

rails   amazon-web-services-logo2-300x141 heroku-logo-white

Non Zero Sum @politics

Would you like to play Non Zero Sum at the Townhall, your party or with your government? That’s possible know. We can make a custom game adapted to your political organisation on a short notice.

Non Zero Sum @business

Would you like to play Non Zero Sum with your colleagues. Set up a battle between the finance and production department? Or do you have to co-operate with the office in another country? For most organisations the co-operation between departments, local offices or with suppliers is a challenge.

Non Zero Sums lets you simulate in a fun way how you can overcome some of these issue by creating awareness about cooperation. You can make a custom game adapted to your business organisation on a short notice.

Hybrid Gaming – a virtual trigger in a physical world

We believe in the power of interaction, both on line and in the classroom. It is a very important learning tool. So we do use both the virtual space as well as the classroom.

  • The classroom turns into the your board room.
  • The computer or Ipad is the player’s virtual office, newspaper and message centre.
  • And with a cell phone (optional) , the player can always be reached by there assistants. Even at home.

It’s a real live experience.